I am so grateful for….

Be happy – be grateful.  It is an age-old wisdom that the more you appreciate what you have the happier you will be. Gratitude is a way of focusing on what we have in our lives and what we focus on grows.  It allows us to be open to receiving more and so is key to creating an abundant happy life.

Start a list “I am so grateful for….” and list some of the amazing things you have to be grateful for.   Every time you give thanks for the goodness in your life you are affirming that it is there and so attracting more wonderful people, experiences and things to you.  So you can play with this too by adding things you do not have yet!  Whatever you are listing focus on what you want to have more of: if you want to improve your relationship with your partner find aspects about them that you do appreciate; or if you want to increase your wealth concentrate on the material things that you already own and love or the experiences your current wealth provides for.

It is very powerful to be able to change your attitude from grumpy to gratitude especially if you can do it for the “negative” or challenging people or experiences in your life.  Did you hear the paralympian who said he does not wish his accident hadn’t happened or the cancer patient that is glad for their cancer because of the experiences it brought their way – sounds like gratitude to me!

By thinking about what we are thankful for we start to arouse our emotions of joy, love, compassion and caring for others.  This is an energy that has an impact on us and those around us.  Feeling and expressing gratitude is a sure way to increase your energy thereby attracting more energy to you in the form you desire, be it in your relationships, business or personal success, material possessions or personal happiness.

Have you noticed that the nicest people you know are often the happiest?  What makes them so “nice”?  I wouldn’t mind betting they are grateful people, ones who are so thankful for all the good things in their lives.  This could be you – start a gratitude habit today.

Push yourself to go beyond the surface, get into the details, think about the seamstress that made the beautiful dress you love so much, the silkworms that spun the silk, the fact that wonderful dies can create fabulous colours, the invention of sewing machines – you get the picture.  You will remember how amazing this world we live in is and how lucky we are to be here.

There is so much to be grateful for this could take for ever – oh well!

Have a grateful day!!!

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I am the developer and lead trainer of a simple and highly effective problem-solving technique - the affirmagise technique.
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7 Responses to I am so grateful for….

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  6. Julie Lapidge says:

    Howdy Pollyanna! Thank you for your uplifting words and positivity! Love Pollyanna Mark Two! xx

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